Disassembling a Toshiba Gigabeat F MP3 player and replacing the lcd screen

Toshiba Gigabeat F disassembly - Replacing a broken LCD screen

This tutorial is aimed at helping you in teh process of disassembling your Toshiba Gigabeat mp3 player in order to replace the lcd screen.

I'm not responsible for anything going wrong :).

Step 1: Opening the beast

Before starting, turn the battery off (there is a tiny switch on the bottom of the player.

Remove the bottom plastic cover, which hides the screws (plastic cover), as well as the top one.

Then, remove the two tiny screws which hold the front cover. Note that they are no screws holding the top.

Gigabeat F with screws removed - Left Gigabeat F with screws removed - Right

Finally, by gently sliding the cover upwards, remove the front metal cover.

Gigabeat F with cover removed

Still there ?

Now, you can see the screen. It is connectd to the main board directly, through two ribbon cables.

Gigabeat F screen connection to the main board

The first one is pretty easy to remove. With anything flat, gently pull it up: it is connected through a simple plug to the main board.

Removing the first ribbon cable - Overall picture Removing the first ribbon cable - Guide Removing the first ribbon cable - Done

Removing the second one is a bit more tricky: you have to lift the clip first, with a tiny flat screw driver for example, and the it will come out easily.

Removing the second ribbon cable - Overall Removing the second ribbon cable - Done

Remove the screen.

Gigabeat F without screen

Now put the new one in place: connect both ends of the ribbon cable.

Connect step one Connect step two

Put back the cover, the screws, the plastic covers.

Turn your player on :).

Gigabeat F back up !!